From Kelly Pawlak


To all staff,

We continue to fine-tune our staff organization by looking for efficiencies and capitalizing on individual strengths.

Although this sometimes makes it apparent that we can accomplish our goals with fewer people, it also creates opportunities. Listed below are changes that we have made this spring.

Laurie Newton – Currently, Laurie is my executive assistant and also coordinates most of the permitting and planning for the mountain. To help the Mountain Operations department put more focus on the permitting and compliance side of resort operations, Laurie will report to Dave Moulton and concentrate on these areas for the resort.

Gina Sarlo – Gina will continue in her admin role for Mountain Operations but she will also take on the role of Base Area Operations Manager (BAOM) at Carinthia during the winter. Gina will continue to report to Dave with a dotted line to me for winter operations.

Bob LeBlond – Bob has accepted the position of Master Plumber and will report to Ricky Viens.

Greg Fisher – Greg will formally take the position of Marketing Operations and Events Director and will continue to report to Jessica Boyd. Greg is a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Vinnie Lewis – Vinnie will be moving to the Marketing Department where he will take on the role of Events and PR Manager. Ambassadors will continue to fall under Vinnie. Vinnie will report to Greg Fisher.

Mike Murphy – Mike has accepted the position of Competitions Manager. This is Vinnie’s old position with a few changes. Mike will be responsible for the Alpine Training Center, Child Care, Tickets, Season Pass and Guest Services. He will assume this position full-time on July 1st.

Robbin Wulff – Robbin will move into a new position for the resort, Point Of Sale Systems Analyst. In her new role Robbin will focus on all of our POS systems (Digital Dining, Sirius, Food Trax, etc.) and become the point person for sorting out the intricacies of each system. Robbin will report to Dave Muenkel.

Mary Agan and Mary Anne Liberator – Mary and Mary Anne will continue in their current roles, Group Sales Manager and Golf Sales Manager, respectively. However, they will move over to the sales office at the Grand Summit Hotel and report to Rick Thorpe. This move will strengthen the selling abilities of our resort and give Mary and Mary Anne the opportunity to work in a sales focused environment.

Paul Donahue – Paul will concentrate on F&B year round (including Fairway’s) and will no longer oversee the Golf School in the summer.

There are some changes being made in the Lodging department and John Lowell will send out a communication within the next few days.

All of these changes will require some transition time, so we’ll need to bear with each other as things evolve. I am happy about the efficiencies and career opportunities that these moves will afford and believe in the long run that our teams will be even stronger, more efficient and more flexible.

Kelly Pawlak
General Manager